Services provided by LTRC, Inc.

  • Due Diligence / throughout the United States for Commercial and/or industrial facilities.
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Past and present environmental assessment).
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Potential contaminant characterization).
  • Phase III Environmental Site Assessment (Development and implementation of remedial action plan).
  • Facilities Engineering / Property Condition Assessment.
  • UST Management (Repair, Upgrade, Removal, and Installation).
  • Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) evaluation services and regulatory compliance.
  • Corrective Action (Soil and groundwater media remediation).
  • Hazardous Waste Management, Minimization, and Source Reduction.
  • Remediation System Design and Installation.
  • Groundwater Modeling and Plume Delineation.
  • Hydro-geological, Geological, and Soil Investigation.
  • Asbestos inspection, management, and abetment.
  • Lead-Based Paint (LBP) inspection, assessment, and abetment.